COVID-19 information

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In connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, the Hungarian Government classified the countries, marking the countries at risk for the virus in green, yellow and red.

Competitors and those arriving with them can come from countries marked in green without restrictions. Entry from the country marked in yellow and red are conditional on a registered letter of invitation sent by the Hungarian Jet Sports Federation and two COVID-19 negative tests not older than five days. 48 hours must elapse between the two tests and the test result must be kept by the entrant in English language.

Countries marked with a yellow mark: Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Norway, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Spain.

Countries marked with a red mark: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine.

For an invitation letter, write to The application letter must also include the details (full name, date and place of birth, nationality, passport number) of the competitor and the accompanying passengers.

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