Start number: #21
Country: hu
Category: Runabout GP4
Rider level: Expert
Country Slovakia
License Hungarian
Residence Komárno, Slovakia
Date of birth 08.06.1985.
Place of birth Komárno, Slovakia
E-mail adress


Kristian started competing in jet-ski sport with a Hungarian license in 2014, when he was 29 years old as an Slovakian citizen.




Hungarian Campionship results:

                                                                      Novice Ski F1 Slalom category             3.           (2014)
                                                                      Novice Ski F1 Slalom category             3.           (2015)
                                                                      Novice Ski GP1 category                       3.           (2018)
                                                                      Novice Ski GP3+ category                     3.           (2018)
                                                                      Novice Ski GP1 category                       3.           (2019)
                                                                      Runabout GP4 category                         3.           (2021)