Start number: #55
Country: hu
Category: SKI GP1
Rider level: Expert
Country Slovakia
License Hungarian
Residence Komárno, Slovakia
Date of birth 17.06.1974.
Place of birth Komárno, Slovakia
E-mail adress

Attila started competing in jet-ski sport with a Hungarian licesne in 2011,
 as a Slovakian citizen.

European Championship result:

                                                               UIM SKI Veterans GP1 category                 4.              (2019)

Hungarian Championship results:         3-times Hungarian Champion

                                                             SKI Gentleman F1 category                          3.              (2013)
                                                             SKI Gentleman GP1 category                       3.              (2017)
                                                             SKI Gentleman GP3 category                       1.              (2018)
                                                             SKI GP1 category                                            3.              (2019)
                                                             SKI Gentleman GP1 category                       1.              (2019)
                                                             SKI Gentleman GP1 category                       3.              (2020)
                                                             SKI Veterans GP1 category                          1.              (2021)
                                                             SKI GP1 category                                           3.              (2021)

Hungarian Jet-Sport Federation award:

                                                              JET-SKI SPORT BIGGEST SUPRISE OF THE YEAR           (2013)