Start number: #23
Country: hu
Category: SKI JUNIOR 3.2
Rider level: Novice
 Country  Slovakia
 License  Hungarian
 Residence  Štúrovo, Slovakia
 Date of birth  06.04.2012.
Place of birth  Nové Zámky, Slovakia
E-mail adress

Marvin started competing in jet-ski sport with a Hungarian license, as a Slovakian citizen in 2020, when he was 8 years old.





Junior Word Championship result:

                                                                    SKI Juniors GP3.2 category                              4.            (2021)
Junior European Championsip result:

                                                                   SKI Juniors GP3.2 category                               4.            (2021)

Hungarian Championship results:

                                                                   SKI Juniors GP3.2 category                              2.            (2020)
                                                                   SKI Juniors GP3.2 category                              3.            (2021)
                                                                   Novice SKI Slalom GP1 category                     1.            (2021)