Start number: #16
Country: hu
Category: SKI JUNIOR GP1, GP3
Rider level: Expert
 Country  Hungary
 License  Hungarian
 Residence  Halászi, Hungary
 Date of birth  03.04.2006.
Place of birth  Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary
 E-mail adress

Csaba started competing in jet-ski sport in 2019, when he was 13 years old.


Junior Word Championship results:

                                                         SKI Juniors GP3.3 category                  3.        (2020)
                                                         SKI Juinors GP3.3 category                  2.        (2021)

Word Championship result:
                                                        SKI GP3 category                                   8.        (2021)

Junior European Championship results:

                                                        SKI Juniors GP3.3 category                  3.        (2020)
                                                        SKI Juniors GP3.3 category                  2.        (2021)

Hungarian Championship results:

                                                        SKI Juniors GP category                      3.        (2019)
                                                        SKI Juniors GP3.3 category                 2.        (2020)
                                                        SKI Juniors GP3.3 category                 2.        (2021)

Hungarian Jet-Sport Federation award:

                                                         JET-SKI SPORT ROOKIE OF THE YEAR         (2021)